Conan Exiles now has an Early Access launch

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You'll be playing it soon
A demo will be available from August 11-13, available to both 'veteran' and new free-to-play players. It will include the first story instance, the first map, and the Raptor mount. A second demo will focus on PvP and World vs World, and will allow players to try the new elite specialisations. As for the full expansion, Path of Fire is out on September 22.

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Conan Exiles, Funcom's latest open-world survival game, is out now on Steam's Early Access platform. Yesterday, PC Gamer's survivalist/naturist expert Chris Livingston got his hands on a copy ahead of time for review purposes and immediately set about testing its most important features. With the headline "Conan Exiles has an 'endowment' slider and genital physics", this article begins with the following disclaimer:

"Note: this post contains several animated gifs of dongs and testicles from Conan Exiles, and those dongs and testicles are bouncing around all over the place, and changing sizes. There's some pretty extreme taint and buttcrack on display as well. Okay? Okay."

Needless to say, that post is a little NSFW so follow the above mentioned link with caution.

Anyway, Conan Exiles now has an Early Access launch trailer which has oodles of death, decapitation, and a fair few of those towering Avatar god monsters Funcom spoke of last month. There's a few strapping lads donning loincloths, but that's as risque as this one gets. If you want to buy MMoexp POE currency trade please visit MMoexp.

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